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Life Isn't Always Downhill, But It's More Fun On A Go Kart

All Terrain Wooden Go Karts - Downhill Fun ALL YEAR Round

Remember the fun you had, as a child, when the snow fell and
your parents announced you were off sledging? The sledge would then be dragged out of the garage to the nearest slope or hill. Memories of hitting the slopes live long and ensure you probably do the same with your own children now.

However, not all of the UK has enough snowfall to get the sledge out. Problem solved – Our All Terrain Karts can be used all year round, so no snow required. The wheels are designed to go well on all types of surface – especially grassy hills. The robust braking system allows the rider to control the speed too.

Honestly our Go Karts are the best fun a family can have and now you can enjoy the slopes all year round. A lifetime of memories 365 days a year, what could be better.

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If you build your own kart with one of our Go Kart Kits, why not send us your pictures and maybe share you design.

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