What do we buy the children for Christmas?  It's a real dilemma.  Will it be something fun, challenging or a toy that gets them outdoors?  The ATK Go-Kart offers a simple solution - all three things in one great package.  Loved by girls and boys alike the ATK starts with the bonding experience of you building the kart together with your child, an opportunity that is all too rare nowadays.  


With it's chunky all-terrain tyres, the ATK then gets the kids out in the fresh air enjoying all the thrills and spills that outdoor play offers.  They can roar down that local hill, scoot along on the level or play with friends, taking it in turns to push each other along.  It all adds up to a lot of fun and the real bonus is that it keeps your children fit and will last for years!

Check out the ATK and choose the right one for you.  They are beautifully designed, engineered in Great Britain and really well made - from just £99 delivered.


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