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    Those of you who used to have a wooden go-kart in your youth may have had something that looked a bit like this:

    The interesting thing is, what did you used to call it?  Since we launched the ATK we've been fascinated to discover that, largely depending on what part of the country you come from, they are given different names.  So far we've had:

    • Go cart
    • Soapbox
    • Gozzi
    • Bogey / Bogie / Boggie / Boggy
    • Cartie
    • Dandy
    • Gambo
    • Boxkart

    or just plain "go-kart".  The one thing that they had in common was that they were all wooden

    and usually were made with traditional pram wheels, often Silver Cross, which are like gold dust to get now and very expensive when you find them.  The karts also rarely had brakes, which meant that you wore your shoes out pretty quickly and got into trouble with Mum.

    However, those of us that were lucky enough to have one will never forget the fun we had on them; they were brilliant!  Whether you were roaring downhill or taking turns with your friends to be pushed along, it was just great. So let your children share in the excitement and buy them an ATK.......

    Check out the ATK Classic here


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