As some of you may know, we have recently been running a promotion via our Facebook page, which has sparked a lot of interest.  We've had great feedback from our followers, some of which we wanted to share with you as it's good to know that you love the ATK Go-Kart as much as we do: 

 Polly Tyrell Have just ordered and received this, can't wait for Thursday when my little boy opens this up and I just know his eyes are going to light up. Thank you. 

Andrea Simmons My children love theirs.  They were on them yesterday having great fun x

Lee Adams These are awesome Emma Boden! I would love one

Josie Holmes This looks fab - I need more than one birthday a year.  

Simon Farren  Phil Snowball I think Luca needs one of these . And maybe he'll let us borrow it 

Wayne Palmer How much for the one pictured above? I think its a brilliant idea, and well done for being different, wish I would have thought of this myself. I used to build my own, but as you say its getting the parts!!

Zoe Parkin My two boys would love this and if there was an adult version sure I would be fighting hubby for it

Adrian Oates  Great product - simple, funky and nicely designed! Adult version sounds like a scream, would certainly want to try that!

Silke Fletcher My daughter would love to have one of these... She's a typical tomboy and even refusing to give up her "little" trike.... In case she could miss out on Fun!  

Sandra Fensom Not sure who would like this the most: my son or hubby....!

And, very occasionally, if things don't go quite to plan, we try very hard to put things right quickly:

Jon Tunnicliffe would like to thank Richard Martin for his sympathetic and admirable approach to a problem I had to which was resolved in an excellent manner many regards J.P Tunnicliffe a very satisfied customer 

Amazon buyers have also said good things about the ATK:


By Jane Fitzgerald on 17 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase
The product was purchased as a Christmas gift and proved to be well worth the cost, very sturdy and it made one boy very happy!
The service was excellent and l recommend this company and the product to anyone considering purchasing a Kart.
If you want a traditional go-kart without an engine, you could build your own (we did) and/or you could get the best.
This is the best. The after-sales service is excellent.

It's good to be loved!