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    As I explained in an early blog, the ATK All Terrain Kart was born out of nostalgic memories of having fun on my wooden soapbox in the 1960s.

    Those were the days when you could build a go-kart yourself with a set of Silver Cross wheels and axles, a few planks of wood and some bent nails.  Brakes were rare and you relied on the soles of your shoes to stop you, something that didn't go down well with your Mum!

    If, like me, you're into anything with wheels then you would love the Goodwood Revival Meeting on 12-14 September.  It centres around classic cars and aeroplanes of the '40s, '50s and '60s. 

    And it's not just about the cars and planes; many of the visitors enter into the spirit of the festival by dressing up in vintage clothes of the era:


    Last year it even featured a classic pedal-car race:

    It's a great event for all the family, particularly if you're a petrol-head like me! 

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