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    When we first came up with the idea for the ATK it was born out of the fact that we wanted to share some of the fun that we had on our toys when we were children.  Back in the day, long before Play Stations were invented, toys were a lot more basic but no less fun.  The first toy that sticks in my mind was a vintage pedal car which I was reunited with earlier this week at the Haynes Motor Museum.

    OK, it wasn't my actual pedal car which was British racing green, but otherwise it was identical.  Undo the leather straps and it even had a an engine with real spark plugs under the bonnet.  

    These cars have a fascinating history.  

    Immediately after WWII the Attlee government was worried that there were more than 5,000 ex miners invalided out of the industry in South Wales alone so the Austin Motor Company designed two very special toy cars, built a new factory and employed these men to build them.  The other design was based on an Austin saloon.


    Nowadays you mainly see these saloon cars on fairground rides.

    A few short years passed by and I progressed to building my first soapbox go-kart which looked something like this:


    When I reached 17 lots of cars followed, several of which (rather worryingly) were also featured in the museum, but that's another story.  Now, many years on, I have travelled full circle and the ATK Classic was born!

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