Some of you may have noticed that we did not discount the ATK in January, on Black Friday  - or at any other time for that matter.  So why?  It's actually very simple; we believe that the ATK is a fair price and good value for money for what is a high quality and well designed product. We also feel that we should be fair to our customers who have bought one of our go-karts during other times of the year.  If you have chosen to buy one as a Christmas present then there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the same product discounted a few days later.  

And let's be honest about it, we also feel that it suggests that you paid more than the true price in the first place.  Finding a real bargain has become very difficult over the years so we feel that, bearing in mind that we sell a traditional product, we should sell it in a traditional way and continue to offer good old fashioned value for money.

So whenever you choose to buy an ATK whether it's on our own website, Amazon or, you can be confident that you are buying it at its true price and won't find it cheaper anywhere else the following week.

Check out the ATK Classic here........