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    Printed just as received, thank you Ray!



    Hi Richard,

    please find below some feedback following the purchase of 2x ATK Starts.

    Please feel free to do with any of it what you wish.


    1) Build quality & design

    I am very impressed with the quality of the two ATK's. I like the sturdy construction and good quality components. Little things, like the way the bolts intersect to strengthen the build was not lost on us. These are undoubtedly the best children's carts/karts available in the UK bar none.


    Please be aware that a couple of the wheels were a little tight on the axles and needed a tap with a rubber mallet to get the bearings to slide on to the axle stubs but nothing more than this. With hindsight I would have made a little smear of grease and will do so if the tight ones come back off more easily than they went on.


    2) Customer service

    We're also very happy with the swift and pragmatic response to a question/possible problem.

    (One of the Starts had been scratched in transit where an axle had rubbed on the main body but Chris immediately despatched a seat pad that covers the mark - much cheaper than returning products etc.)


    3) Possible change

    1. a) Chris had mentioned the attachment of the pad as something to look at. As discussed pre-Christmas, I used four small sticky-backed Velcro patches (about the size of a penny) and these have worked so far. I can also remove & refit the pad if I ever need to - maybe to add more. I got them from Hobbycraft and it cost 2.99 for 16 pairs.
    2. b) For my young (14mth) son I've made my own back rest. Two simple hardwood beams bolted through the existing seat-rest bolt holes and a full width 7ply wooden board glued across the two beams. It just offers more surface of support than your own back rest for such a small one.


    4) Age group

    I gave one of the starts to a 3yr8m nephew who thinks it's the best thing ever.

    He grasped the concept of turning immediately.

    It was very uplifting to see his rosy cheeks playing outside on a bitterly cold day and the joy in his smile will stay in my mind for a long time. It's going to get a lot of use. My prediction to Chris of 'Uncle of the Year Award' was correct :-)

    It was also good to see him exercising when he had to pull it back up the gentle slope.


    My one year old son is also enjoying his, even if he has to be pulled and pushed everywhere and doesn't get to do the steering.


    5) Pricing

    I like the idea of no Jan sale. This is a good move and yes, I would have been miffed to seen them reduced in Jan.

    I believe the pricing is about right.

    The ATK is clearly a much better proposition than some piece of plastic tat from ToysRus. I am certain that the Starts that I have purchased will be making great smiles and memories long after the plastic has gone for re-cycling.


    6) Packaging

    The outer box was absolutely fine but I can't help but think that there could be a better solution than the current set-up for the axles given that one of the items was scuffed in transit. Maybe a sheet of folded corrugated card(over/under/over) could have done a better job more cheaply???


    7) Adult version

    When exactly? I'm starting to save my pocket money :-)


    I hope that all of the above helps you but please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any queries/questions..


    Happy Karting,

    Ray Rampton

    (Photo not of Ray!)


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