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    Welcome to our blog – it's been a busy year!

    We hope that a lot of you will be reading this as the proud owner of an ATK and already had a lot of fun using it. To start our blog we thought that you might like to know how the idea came about and the fun that we have had creating our ATK, so here is our story.

    The idea for the ATK All Terrain Kart was born in March 2012. When we were small Christopher and I, like so many children of our age, loved playing on our soapbox. Made in our garage from three planks of wood and old pram wheels, we had hours of fun and, despite the lack of any brake, are still here to tell the tale.

    Sadly, nowadays, so many young children miss out on the fun of playing outdoors and here was an opportunity to create something that would encourage them away from their computers out into the fresh air to get some exercise. We realised that, despite there being go-karts, pedal karts, skateboards, scooters and even mountain boards, no-one offered a modern version of the soapbox, so we made it our mission to do so. A London designer was briefed to create a modern, cool, gravity kart that could speed downhill or be scooted along paths or across fields – an All Terrain Kart. We wanted something that would be great to look at that could be well engineered, beautifully made and would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present for the lucky boy or girl.

    We were presented with the concept designs two weeks later and it was immediately obvious that he had visualised exactly what we wanted.

    And so the journey continues. In our next blog we’ll give an update on the prototyping phase.

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