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    Like all great British inventions the ATK was born in our London designer’s garden shed. Lovingly hand-crafted out of plywood, re-modelled Ikea furniture parts, a piece of floor matting and wheels bought off EBay, we all gathered in Bristol for the unveiling. It looked fabulous and created a lot of excitement.

    Early market research had suggested that, unlike the 1950s version that it was emulating, it was important to have a brake so the brief was to create one that, ideally, operated on both rear wheels. This would obviously make it much more effective than the crude "paddle" that some karts have that just pushes against one tyre. We loved the green wheels; something that we felt would appeal to both boys and girls.

    The seat-back was a clever design, simple but effective, and could be adjusted to cater for children from the age of seven upwards. The front bull-bar provided both protection if the kart hit anything but also a means to pick the kart up by the front wheels to pull it along.

    The wheels had "foam" tyres (similar to most baby buggies) that looked great, but we were keen to see how they would perform in testing.

    It was a great start to an exciting project.

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