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    We left Bristol feeling very excited about the prototype and keen to get into testing.  To do this we had to find a potential manufacturer who could help us turn the model that our designer had produced into a reality.

    We found the perfect partner in a third generation Midlands-based company who had both the engineering and woodworking skills that we needed.  The fact that they supplied the British Army was a bonus – they knew how to build things that were tough.  Three prototypes were produced and we decided to test two different types of wheels; one with foam tyres and the other with traditional pneumatic tyres.  The grounds of a local country house hosted the test:


    The kart performed brilliantly.  It was fast, had a great brake, handled well and was fantastic fun both on paths and on grass.  However it soon became clear that the pneumatic tyres were the best choice; they were quicker and provided a much better ride. 

    We had a great product and it was now time to concentrate on fine-tuning the design…….


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