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    We decided that the best way to test our new ATK was to let children have a go on it and tell us what they thought.  A local business, The Big Sheep, and their sister company The Ultimate Adventure Centre, kindly hosted the events in September.  The weather was good and the event was a great success.

    About 100 children had a fantastic time on the grassy slopes of North Devon (obviously fully kitted-out with helmet and pads).  The main course was a gentle 50m slope but, very soon, several of the children were tackling the much steeper 100m mountain-board slalom course.  Typically it took about 15-20 minutes for the test-pilots to get used to the steering with a few thrills and spills along the way, but it soon became obvious that falling off for some was part of the fun.  Everyone agreed the degree of skill required was important – it shouldn’t be too easy otherwise it would soon get boring.

    The feedback was hugely positive – over 90% of the children rated the ATK “really cool”.  The parents were big fans too and were delighted that their children were outside in the fresh air getting some exercise.  It was obvious that, for some, this was increasingly important with the dominance, in some homes, of children’s computer games.

    We were also able to make some further minor modifications as a result of the feedback and testing.  The R Clips were upgraded and the brake had minor tweaks.  It was a very worthwhile exercise.

    We were on a countdown to launch......


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