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    The next few weeks were pretty frantic, with so many things having to be done simultaneously.

    Yucca, our Digital Agency, were busy building our website but, to do this, they needed photography.  We spent a fantastic day at Ashton Court in Bristol shooting still photos and a video with the help of three willing test-pilots.  We were keen to demonstrate the versatility of the ATK and show it going down grassy slopes and being scooted along on the level - our photographer, Jim, did a fantastic job. The children were on their karts for 6 hours and loved every minute of it.

    We also needed to organise a range of spares and accessories.  The children who’d taken part in our taster days were keen to make the ATK customisable so, as a start (more to come), we produced flame and flower stickers to attach to the body.  Chris also designed a storage hook to make the ATK easier to store in a shed or garage.  Combined with a spares pack, tyre and inner tube we were sorted.

    As well as our own website, the ATK was launched on Amazon and Not On The High Street supported by a great review from Wired.co.uk and a recommendation from GQ magazine.

    It had taken 6 months very hard work, but it was worth it. 

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