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    An ATK for £99.99?  Yes really; it's the ATK Start.  It offers the same build-quality as the ATK Classic, but all for under £100.



    You'll have the same high quality plywood construction, off-road wheels with pnuematic tyres and carefully designed dual-action brake that avoids trapping your fingers but stops your kart smoothly and safely.  Like the Classic you'll also be able to remove the wheels and steerer in a flash with the quick-action R Clips; your kart will then slip into the boot of almost any car.

    The Start is ideal for scooting along on the level - you'll be amazed at how fast you can go.


    But what makes it really exciting is that, when you're ready, you can buy the accessories that will bring the Start up to exactly the same specification as the ATK Classic.

    It's a great and affordable way to get out in the fresh air and have a lot of fun!


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