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    When you're selling a great product and everything goes as planned, keeping customers happy is easy.  However we are all human and, no matter how hard you try, occasionally things do go wrong.  It's then that you have to work hard to put things right as quickly and painlessly as you can, particularly when it's children who are involved.  And particularly if it's a present.  Try telling a 7 year old on Christmas Day that they can't play on their new ATK because there's a bit missing.  

    Last Christmas we had three teams of people standing by with spare parts and even new ATKs ready to drive to the customer's house.  Thankfully it turned out that it wasn't necessary but it was good to know that, whatever happened, we could sort things out quickly.  

    Since then the handful of customers that have had problems seem to still love us:

    And Findlay wrote to me personally:

    It's good to know that you're loved!














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