Several people we’ve talked to about the ATK have said that we’re far too shy about what makes it so special?  It’s not simply that it’s been designed by a top London designer so that it looks really cool.  It also has had a huge amount of thought go into how it’s made. 

So here goes; the techie stuff:

  • The plywood body of the ATK is high-quality ply.
  • The axles and brake are made from mild steel which is zinc-plated then powder coated.  This means that it’s protected from rust.
  • The nuts and bolts are all stainless-steel and will remain rust-free forever.  The nuts have a special lining which means that they won’t come undone either.
  • The brake is really special:
    • It works on both wheels at the same time so that you stop quickly and smoothly.
    • The handle is fitted with a round wooden knob, protecting the rider if they fall off.
    • When not in use, the handle rests level with the body moving the circular brake pad away from the wheel preventing small fingers getting trapped.
    • The brake pads even have a plastic cap over the end to make them look neat.
    • The seat-back can be adjusted to any of five different positions to accommodate different height drivers.  When dropped down completely it enables the rider to kneel on the back and scoot along on the level.   
    • The wheels:
      • Have dual bearings that make the ATK really fast.
      • Are fitted with pneumatic tyres that make it truly off-road, grip really well and make for a comfortable and quick ride.
      • Are supplied with a special valve that makes it easy to pump the tyres up.
      • Are fitted with quick-release R Clips, the same thing that is used to hold down the bonnets of Rally cars.
    • The front steerer:
      • Has a Bull-Bar fitted that can be used to pull the ATK back uphill and protects the rider if they should happen to hit something.
      • Is held in place with an R Clip which means that it can easily be removed to fit the ATK into a car.    
      • Is pivoted on the body through a metal sleeve so that it doesn’t wear in use.
      • Is also separated from the body with a large washer to make it move smoothly.
      • Is fitted with an adjustable steerer block on the body that stops small feet getting trapped and also makes the ATK easier to control whilst the rider gets used to it.

      • Finally, it’s carefully packed in a printed box with all of the nuts and bolts required loosely fitted to all of the components; with beautifully illustrated instructions and all the tools you need to assemble it.

      So, that’s why we think that it’s pretty special!