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    It's interesting what one remembers about childhood.  One of my earliest memories is being given my pedal car.  I think that I was about four years old when I was presented with an amazing metal racing car, which rapidly became my pride and joy (excuse the rather fuzzy photo).


    The car was one of two types made after the war, the other being the more common version which was based on an Austin A40 which nowadays is often seen on fun-fair roundabouts.  The J40 (as it was known) also featured at this years Goodwood Revival meeting.

    The cars were built by disabled miners as a scheme enabling them to stay in work.


    Looking back on it, this is what is undoubtedly to blame for my ongoing love of cars and development into the petrol head I am today.  However, the novelty of pedal cars soon wore off and that is where my first soapbox kart came in.


    OK, so not one of these boys is me, but my kart was very similar, as were thousands of other karts out there at the time.  Building it with my father was wonderful fun and, looking back on it, a real bonding experience for the two of us.  Even then trying to find four pram wheels was a challenge and there was certainly no such thing as brakes.  Slowing down was achieved by sticking a shoe heel firmly on the ground, much to my Mother's annoyance as it soon wrecked my shoes.  The excitement (and freedom) that it offered was fantastic though and, of all the toys that I was given as a child, I had more fun on my kart than everything else put together.  

    So, all of these years later, Christopher and I decided to share that excitement with the young children of today by getting the ATK All Terrain Kart designed.  Building it still provides that same bonding experience and the brake saves all of that angst over the children's shoes.  Predictably I've been unable to resist the temptation to try the ATK myself and have been spotted in Ashton Court, Bristol, and at our launch party last year, enjoying the opportunity to re-live some of the excitement of my childhood!    



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