Go Kart Buying Guide


If you are aged over 35 years, there is a strong chance you had a homemade wooden go kart, when you were a child. I remember building one with my father from old scraps of timber and some wheels we took off a battered baby’s pram. I recall we had to build one because buying one was way out of our budget. In recent times wooden go karts have become much more affordable and the quality surpasses anything we were able to build.

There are 2 types of go kart available today – peddle power and a push style kart. The push kart is also known as a box kart and is becoming increasingly popular and offers the karting enthusiast more options for outdoor fun. The can be used on a slope or hill but also as a toboggan style kart for use on flat terrain.

ATK Karts have 3 wooden go karts suitable for ages 5 to 16 and another suitable for teens and adults. This guide is to help you choose between the following 3 models

ATK Go Karts Compared


There are differences between the 3 go karts and this guide should help choose the best one for you. The ATK Start is the 1st go kart in the range and is a great starting point. However all 3 karts have the same body which is constructed from the highest quality marine plywood (external grade). They also have a powerful braking system that allows you to control the speed of the kart and is 2nd to none. Many go karts on the market today do not have this as a standard feature however, ATK have a brake on every kart.. 

The differences between the ATK Start and the ATK Classic are probably obvious from the images. They include

  • Self adhesive padded foam seat pad
  • Fully adjustable seat back frame with extra padding for comfort
  • Padded bull-bar which is the role bar at the front of the kart

Both the Start and the Classic have 12” pneumatic tyres which are manufactured from a high quality polypropylene. They also include dual bearings as standard. The braking system on both karts are powder coated to ensure they last longer.

The ATK Sport has all of the features of the Classic but has one feature which makes it the best of them all. They are fitted with the very latest puncture free tyres so, you do not have to inflate them – EVER. The foam core tyres really are the worth the extra, if you can afford them. The puncture free tyres are also used on our Pro style karts too, which are ideal for tennagers and adults alike. 

Whichever model you decide to buy, I am sure you will have just as much fun now with your kids, as you did when you were young. I did enjoy building our kart with my children and I am sure we have built not only a fantastic go kart but a lifetime of memories too