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  • Build Your Own Kart - The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

    Christmas and birthdays can be a challenging time for parents, who strive to find the perfect gift for their children. Many wish lists include overpriced electronic gadgets which encourage your child to stay indoors and play online. However this doesn't have to be the case as one of our amazing customers proves in the video below.

    Jonathan decided he wanted to do something special with and for his son Elias. So after purchasing our DIY Build Your Own Kart Kit, they set to building their own design of go kart. Dad designed the kart with Elias's input and set up a small workshop in the garden. The wheels and axles from the build your own kart set formed the base of the design.

    Luckily for us they videoed the process and this can be viewed on YouTube

    Since creating the video they have painted the kart red and continue to have amazing fun on their unique creation. Jonathan commented "I wanted to give a big thumb up to the ATK DIY Go-Kart axle and wheels kit - Elias and I have had a great time building our own go-kart and it runs beautifully" This great value kit gives 4 high quality wheels and 2 axles to base the kart of your choice onto. We also include a set of instructions to build your own kart as a bonus, although you can design your own if you choose. Most customers use our guide as an idea and take the design to a much higher level.

    Elias The Home Built Go Kart

    The other benefit of building your own kart is it is personal to you and your family. The time spend designing and building the kart are memories that can last a lifetime. If you have purchased one of our DIY Go-Kart Kits why not send us your video or photo's to share. Many of our customer would love to see the karts other people have constructed and help create the most amazing karts around.

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