Build A Go Kart At Home With The Family

During these challenging times you may be worrying how you can keep your children occupied in a safe environment?  You may also be wanting to get them outside away from the dreaded computer games. When we first designed our Go Karts, we had the idea that mum's and dad's would be building them with their children. 

It doesn't take that long to build one of our ATK Karts as the main body is already assembled. However when we opened the box and started the assembly process, we couldn't wait to get out on the kart. We were recently sent this photo of a family having great fun putting the final touches to our ATK Classic Go Kart.

Build A Go Kart With Your Family

You too can check out our karts which all provide a fun small time building project. Alternatively you may want to build something from scratch with the more challenging DIY go kart kit.  Once completed you can then play with them for hours on end, in your garden or even the local park.

Downhill Fun On An ATK Go Kart

Helpful Build Tips

Assuming you have purchased one of our go karts be it the Start, Classic, Sport or Pro model, here are some useful tips. 

  • Open the box carefully so nothing is lost before you start building. Turn the lid upside down and empty the loose parts into it. Open the small bag of bolts, washers and nuts and keep together in this upturned box. This is especially useful if building outside in the garden, as small washers and nuts are easily lost on the lawn.
  • Read the instructions in full before starting the build on the kart. This ensures you fully understand which bolts go where and avoid you having to start again.
  • Get you children involved in constructing the kart. This gives them a feeling of ownership and creates a great bonding opportunity for you and your family.
  • Most of the kart is factory built however you may need to fit the roll bars and wheels. This depends on which model is purchased. We provide a spanner and allen key with each model so you don't have to hunt through the workshop or garage for that elusive tool kit.
  • Why not pimp up you go kart to make it unique to you. We have a pack of flower or flame stickers which can be added during or after the build. You may wish to paint your kart or add graphics. If you do, we suggest you use an oil based paint so it last longer and doesn't get washed off in damp conditions.
  • Recycle the packaging where possible. As the box is heavy duty you may wish to cut it down to ensure it fits in your recycle bin. Be careful when using a sharp blade though. 

If you have built a kart with one of our self build go kart kits, we would love to see your finished project. If you have pimped up one of our standard go karts, send us a picture and we may feature them in a blog post too.

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