Mount Kelly Prep karting event

At the end of June Mount Kelly Prep School, located on the edge of Dartmoor, mounted a karting event to raise money to build a new adventure centre.  Sponsored by ATK around 40 boys and girls took part on a beautiful summers day taking full advantage of the natural hilly terrain that forms the school grounds. 

Some of the pupils built their bespoke design bodies for the karts showcasing great creativity.  It was a great day and raised significant money for the school. 

If your school would like to run a similar event, we suggest either buying a go kart kit or one of popular go kart models. Then get your pupils or groups to design a body or upper framework to fit over the existing kart. This is a great way to keep costs down as only one kart is required for the event. Designs would need to be fixed in place when added to the kart so, this would need to be thought of during your body construction.


Why not join in the fun and either buy a ready made kart or design and build your own with our amazing DIY Go Kart Kit. Build a lifetime of memories aswell as a fantastic Go Kart.