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  • Perfect For Schools - Go Kart Building Projects

    Whether it's just for the kids to play on at break time, for after school clubs or more ambitious school projects, the ATK range has something for everyone. Here are a few examples and suggestions of what may work for you: Playtime fun Several schools (and councils) have already bought karts for their children to enjoy playing on outside of lesson time and for after-school clubs.  The ATK is safe (CE rated), tough, perfect for encouraging children to play together and enjoy the fresh air. School projects Junior schools: Richmond Hill School bought 20 ATK Starts last year.  Every class was then given...

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  • Want To Build Your Own Wooden Go-Kart? Go Kart Kits

    We have seen from your feedback on Facebook that a lot of you look back with nostalgia at a time when you built your own wooden go-kart and the fun that you had doing it. That's music to our ears because we have similar memories and that's what led to Christopher and me starting ATK Karts. Sadly times have changed and scavenging on the local dump for Silver Cross pram wheels is simply not possible, so launching the ATK was our way of offering today's children a chance to share in the fun that we had at their age. However some of you would...

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