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    We left Bristol feeling very excited about the prototype and keen to get into testing.  To do this we had to find a potential manufacturer who could help us turn the model that our designer had produced into a reality. We found the perfect partner in a third generation Midlands-based company who had both the engineering and woodworking skills that we needed.  The fact that they supplied the British Army was a bonus – they knew how to build things that were tough.  Three prototypes were produced and we decided to test two different types of wheels; one with foam...

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    Like all great British inventions the ATK was born in our London designer’s garden shed. Lovingly hand-crafted out of plywood, re-modelled Ikea furniture parts, a piece of floor matting and wheels bought off EBay, we all gathered in Bristol for the unveiling. It looked fabulous and created a lot of excitement. Early market research had suggested that, unlike the 1950s version that it was emulating, it was important to have a brake so the brief was to create one that, ideally, operated on both rear wheels. This would obviously make it much more effective than the crude "paddle" that some...

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    Welcome to our blog – it's been a busy year! We hope that a lot of you will be reading this as the proud owner of an ATK and already had a lot of fun using it. To start our blog we thought that you might like to know how the idea came about and the fun that we have had creating our ATK, so here is our story. The idea for the ATK All Terrain Kart was born in March 2012. When we were small Christopher and I, like so many children of our age, loved playing on our...

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