ATK Wooden Go Kart Pro

199.99 GBP

Go Karts For Adults

The ATK Pro Go Kart is an ADULT (and teen!) version of the popular ATK Classic Go Kart.  With a lengthened, strengthened body, uprated wheels and twin brakes it offers 12 - 70 year old's (but why stop at 70) the opportunity to have the same fun on a gravity kart as our younger customers.

Think of it as a combination of a mountain-board and toboggan.  Sit on it downhill or drop the seat back and scoot along on the flat, the ATK Pro Kart is suitable for all terrain.  The independent twin brakes allow the kart to perform skid turns on grass or gravel. 

The wheels and steerer of ATK Pro Wooden Go Kart can be quickly removed by releasing the R clips and it will fit into the back of a hatch back.

Watch the ATK Pro Go Kart in action here:


The ATK Pro Kart shares all of the ATK Classic's features plus:

  • An extended, strengthened body to accommodate an adult.

  • Independent twin brakes with knurled brake shoes for high-performance braking; pull both brakes together for straight-line braking and use brakes individually for low-speed skid turns.

  • Graphite grey body with electric green wheels and foam buffers.

  • High-performance intermediate tread run-flat tyres on strengthened GRP wheels with dual bearings.

  • Delivered fully assembled with tools.

  • Dimensions fully assembled: 1200mm long x 603mm wide x 425mm high

Additional technical specification

  • Powder coated steel axles and braking system

  • Padded bull-bar

  • Adjustable padded seat back.

  • Quick-release R Clips on wheels and steerer.

  • Constructed in strong high grade sustainable plywood with stainless-steel fittings

  • Weighs 12.5kg

  • 12 months guarantee

Should you wish to build your own Go Kart track we now have a set of high quality Collapsible Go Kart Cones which are available to buy as an add on.

NB: If this is a gift and you would like to cover the printed logo and maintain the surprise,  you can add a plain sleeve for the carton to your order. Add plain packaging to my order.

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Check out the ATK Classic review at Wired magazine and customer comments .

SBS Winner (Selected by Theo Paphitis)


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If you are lucky enough to live on or near a big hill, like one of our customers in Switzerland. You could end up with a go kart run like the one in this video. It does show the fun you can have especially if the run is 500 metres long