Collapsible Go Kart Cones

12.99 GBP

Collapsible Go Kart Cones

These collapsible Go Kart cones come as a pack of 12 and are perfect for creating your own personal race track. The cones are 225mm tall are brightly coloured so you can see them on the dullest of days.

Each pack includes

  • 4 x Green Cones
  • 4 x Blue Cones
  • 4 x Orange Cones

They are built to last and are incredibly robust. If you find yourself riding over the cones they collapse and then return to shape instantly. The traffic style cones weigh 70g.


How Can these cones be used?

The collapsible Go Kart cones can be used to create an oval or figure of 8 race track to be used as a race track. If you are racing downhill in a box kart, you could create a slalom track to increase the difficulty of the hill. Whatever you choose these cones are ideal to help you get even more out of your go kart. As you might only have one kart available, you should time each competitor to see who goes fastest. If anyone touches a cone with the kart, they could incur time penalties.


Flat cones are sometimes used for race tracks but you can't see them as easily as our collapsible racing cones. For ease of storage the Go Kart Cones stack inside eachother so they stay together when not in use.