1. Who makes the ATK?

    The ATK is made by My Brilliant Company Ltd, a small family business based in the South-West of England. 

    The ATK was created exclusively for us by a London designer and is manufactured in China under close supervision.

    2. Will I be able to manage to assemble the ATK?

    The ATK is easy to assemble.  The Classic has 16 bolts used to assemble the axles, brake mechanism and seat back with the spanner and Allen key provided. Then four wheels are each attached with a washer and R clip.

    ...and how long will it take to assemble? 

    It should take about 40 minutes to assemble the Classic; 30 minutes for the Start. The Pro comes ready-assembled.

    ...but I'd rather buy it ready assembled!

    No problem.  Order the ATK that you want then add our "ATK assembly service" to your shopping cart.  A fully assembled and checked ATK will then be delivered to your door.

    3. Are there instructions for the assembly of the ATK?

    Yes, a full set of instructions are included in the box.  Watch a video of it being assembled.

    4. How much does it cost to deliver the ATK?

    Delivery is free throughout the UK and to BFPO addresses.

    5. Can I upgrade my ATK Start into a Classic?

    Yes, you can. You can purchase the seat pad, seat back and bull-bar whenever you wish and you will have an ATK Classic, which will be identical in every way.  We also sell a complete upgrade kit.

    6. Can I return the ATK if I change my mind?

    Yes you can, providing you:

    • Notify us within fourteen days of receipt.
    • Return the ATK in as-new condition.
    • Pay the cost of us collecting it (usually £15)

    Please contact us to get further information.

    7. How long before the ATK arrives?

    It should normally arrive within one working day if ordered by mid-day (Monday to Friday; see "delivery" page).

    8. There are no hills where we live - how could my children use the ATK?

    If you lower the backrest on the ATK Classic your child can scoot along really quickly on level ground (see video).  It also fits easily into the boot of most cars, so can be taken with you on days out.

    9. How will it stand up to wear and tear?

    The body of the ATK is made from high quality fully-sustainable Birch plywood.  All the metalwork is powder-coated steel; the fittings are stainless-steel.  It's built to last but obviously needs a little TLC:

    • Keep it under-cover when it's not in use, ideally inside a shed or garage on one of our special hooks.
    • When it gets wet or muddy, clean it off and wipe it dry.
    • Occasionally apply a little oil to the wheel bearings.

    Should something get damaged, we can supply any replacement parts required.

    It also comes with a 12 month guarantee.

    10. It's called an All Terrain Kart - is it suitable for use on all surfaces?

    Yes, it is.  The 12" wheels on have proper canvas reinforced tyres, just like a mountain bike, so it's at home on tarmac, grass, gravel and mud.   

    11. Is the ATK suitable for my daughter?

    Girls love it.  In our taster sessions the girls had just as much fun as the boys.

    12. But it's got no pedals!

    No, it's much more flexible, fun and challenging than a pedal kart, plus it will retain its appeal much longer. You can ride on it downhill, kneel on it and scoot along on the level plus it encourages your children to play out in the fresh air with their friends.    

    13. Why do you have a recommended age range for the ATK?

    If your child is younger than seven years old the ATK may be difficult for them to control and if they're over 14 years old, as they get heavier the brake will become less effective.  However, if your child is particularly tall for their age this is not an issue; with the seat back at its rear-most setting the ATK is big enough and strong enough to accommodate an adult.  

    For over 14 year olds we now have the ATK Pro which is longer, stronger, has twin independent brakes and reinforced GRP wheels.

    14. I've got a promotion code.

    Add your ATK to the cart, fill in your payment details, add the promotion code - then press APPLY.  You will then receive your discount.

    15. Can it be delivered to a different address to my own?

    Yes, of course.  This is what you need to do:

    • Select which ATK you want to buy
    • Go to the "Checkout"
    • Fill in the shipping address in spaces provided - click "next".
    • On the next page fill in your credit/debit card details.
    • Then (near the bottom) click where it says "use a different billing address" and fill in the address to which your credit/debit card invoices are sent (usually your home address).
    • Then place your order.....  

    16. How can I contact you?

    You can call us on 01278 768800 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) or email us at info@allterrainkart.co.uk
    17. Has it been independently reviewed?
    Yes; this is what Wired Magazine has to say and it's been recommended by GQ magazineThe Daily Telegraph and The Times.
     18. What payment methods are offered?
    You can pay via your credit card (our default payment system), your PayPal account (press the PayPal button when you reach the checkout), Amazon Pay or Apple Pay - whichever you prefer.
    19. I'm a business.  Can I claim back the vat?
    We are a small family business and are not registered for vat.